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Brand story
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  • Ceremony of raising Xugong Banner in Northwest Shanli
    Northwest of the motherland, high slope of loess, a small county in a mountainous village, a humble small company, in its yard, 365 days a year, but such a rare thing happens: go to work at 8 o'clock every morning, Every employee of the company will come to the small square as soon as possible.
  • Sharing the Sun and Sharing the Storm
    In 1998, the financial crisis broke out in Southeast Asia. The crisis began in Thailand and spread throughout Southeast Asia. The so-called adversity sees the true feelings. In that turbulent storm, many dealers also felt firsthand what is inseparable and help each other!
  • "I won't be able to cut prices this time."
    "Now labor costs have been rising, and annual price reductions are still required. Is this a win-win situation? This cost model was made. If we have higher costs, can XCMG increase prices for us?" At a meeting, the total supply of nylon suppliers Questioned the cost analysis model of nylon parts provided by XCMG.
  • Xugong help each other
    From Tianshan in Xinjiang to the southwestern border to the ends of the earth, he grew up with XCMG; from 20 to 50 to 120, he grew up with XCMG. 9.6 million square kilometers, where XCMG rotary drilling, horizontal directional drilling, wherever he is found. There is no arrogance or feather fan scarf, but no matter where the mountain is high, the road is far, or the pit is deep, wherever you go, you will never be able to get away. He is Bao Yanguo, general manager of Dalian Jiarui Sanhe Trading Co., Ltd. and a special distributor of the basic company.
  • "Many Heroes in the Land of Yan Zhao"
    In Hebei, the place of Yanzhao and Zhaoyun, the mention of Zu Tianbin is almost unknown in the hoisting industry. Its super strength and excellent reputation have been talked about by peers and customers. When you walked into the courtyard of Shijiazhuang Cangfeng Electric Power Lifting Installation Co., Ltd., the magnificent parking space first came into your sight. However, it was amazing that the parking shed was empty. It was only known that the cranes were out for construction. In this increasingly competitive lifting market environment, Cangfeng Power Lifting Installation Company has maintained a strong growth momentum.
  • "Along the way, those things Xugong and me"
    He is a successful businessman. In the past 15 years, he has used his strength and integrity to win the trust of customers and praise from his peers in the crane rental industry. From the initial 25-ton truck crane to the first 800-ton all-terrain crane in North China, Xugong Crane has witnessed his magnificent transformation from nothing to hundreds of millions of dollars. He is Xinxiaohui, the general manager of Hebei Tuoli Lifting Installation Co., Ltd.
  • Join hands with XCMG to build the king of the region
    "'Jilin Siping City Hengrui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.' formerly known as 'Siping Longyuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.', has been acting as an agent for other domestic brands of loaders until 2013. In 2013, it signed a contract with Xugong Shovel Machinery Division and became a division in Siping. The only first-tier agent in the region. "
  • Cooperation with XCMG
    Deng Sixiong, General Manager of Sichuan Lineng Tunnel Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Xugong Light Up My Success Dream
    The magnificent Helan Mountain and the Yellow River gave birth to the iron bones and bloodyness of the man in Yinchuan. Perhaps it was the spirituality of this land, Cui Weirong who hit the south, but also had the pride of the Northwest man. The reason can not help but mention the XCMG LNG loader working for Cui Weirong on this land.
  • Follow Xugong, we will buy as much as Xugong produces
    The golden key of Asia's first 1,000-ton all-terrain crane was finally handed to Lin Tianfu, chairman of Fujian Jingfa Hoisting & Handling Co., Ltd. We heard that today, Jingfa Company, which occupies half of the country in the lifting industry south of the Yangtze River, actually started from a walk-behind tractor; Jingfa's current family, Lin Tianfu, was just one who had not read a book Rural baby. We are curious, from a walking tractor to today's 1,000-ton crane; from a rural child who has never had ink in his belly to the chairman of Jingfa today. How are the two ends that are so different? So we approached Lin Tianfu.
  • I chose XCMG, I was right!
    Purchased the first XCMG single roller compactor in 2001; purchased the first XCMG grader in 2003; purchased the first XCMG paver in partnership with others in 2004; purchased the first XCMG paver of its own in 2005 …… Bought XCMG RP953E paver in 2013 ……
  • Ten years of companionship
    At the beginning of the new century, the Chinese economy began to spread its wings. Supported by this strong driving force, China's railway, highway and other infrastructure construction, energy, power, chemical, and urbanization construction have made great strides and moved forward rapidly. In this environment, there are opportunities for users who own construction equipment, especially those who own a single high-priced crane, excavator, and so on. Wei Zhixian was one of those who firmly grasped the opportunity at that time. One day in 2000, Wei Zhixian made the most important decision in his life and took out all the savings in his home to buy a XCMG truck crane. "Who ever thought that the" impulse "move at the time made me go with Xugong for more than ten years.
  • Choosing XCMG will succeed!
    Just like its company name, Liu Qiguo has become a well-known "crane king" in Hebei and even in North China. Liu Qiguo, who has been engaged in hoisting construction for many years, has always firmly believed that the concept is that "if you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it." His selection of equipment and brand selection are extremely harsh. According to Liu Qiguo, in the selection of cranes, he identified the products of XCMG, the largest brand in China, and has purchased more than 10 XCMG cranes, including 160 tons, 250 tons, 450 tons, and 500 tons. crane. "We are preparing to buy a 1,000-ton all-terrain crane for wind power installation. We are now discussing business policies with XCMG. As soon as the price can be lowered, we will order one immediately." Regarding equipment purchase, Liu Qiguo joked Said.
  • XCMG-my consistent choice
    On the shore of Huanghuai, there is Pengcheng, and ancient Pengyu class has Haiying. Xuzhou Haiying Concrete Co., Ltd., as the leader of Xuzhou's concrete industry, is familiar to Xuzhou people. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has established a foundation in Xuzhou with its good image, high quality reputation and sincere service. , Has a high profile. Since its involvement in the concrete industry in 1998, Haiying has maintained a good momentum of development and has been using XCMG products. With the development of XCMG's concrete machinery industry, Haiying relies on XCMG's increasingly mature equipment strength and accumulation over the years. Technical support, always in the first-line camp in the industry competition.
  • Good choice, good business
    Lu'an City, Anhui Province is located in the western part of the Dabie Mountains. As the saying goes, relying on the mountains and mountains and drinking water, relying on the rich local stone resources, Lu'an has become one of the largest quarry factories in Anhui Province with a large supply of sand and stone . Here, the application of construction machinery can be seen almost everywhere. Every day, hundreds of millions of tons of sand and gravel are applied to urban and rural, road, real estate and other construction fields of Anhui Province via these devices.
  • Love between two generations of father and son and "Xugong"
    In late autumn, Lanzhou has a bit of chill. In Daqinggou, Anning District, a stand-up mixing plant production line has become a beautiful scenery in the desolate mountains. Eight brand-new white mixing tanks standing in the ravine are particularly eye-catching. In the sunset, eight characters "Xugong Xugong Helps You Succeed" on the wall of the mixing station are shining.
  • Let dreams fly free on the prairie
    "Bale River, under the Yin Mountain, the sky looks like a dome, and it covers the wild. The sky is vast, the fields are vast, and the wind blows the grass and the cattle and sheep are low." Fat cattle and sheep. Tumote Zuoqi, located in the western part of Hohhot, has a flat terrain, rich water grass, and is also a farming and pastoral area. It is a rich land on one side. Here, Guo Yongqiang, a young man from the 80s, relied on hard work and courage to work out his own world. What helped him succeed was XCMG excavator products of excellent quality.
  • Xugong Yuan, the source of success
    Geng is always an authentic Xuzhou native. This has brought us closer to each other, and to our surprise, President Geng is still an old Xu worker and has worked in Xugong Road and Bridge for a long time. As a result, a slightly formal interview turned into a "pro-plus-pro" fellowship.
  • XCMG Achieves New Dream, Writes a New Chapter
    Shi Wentao, the boss of Zhenxing Lutong Co., Ltd., is the most famous manufacturer of asphalt products in Fuyang, Anhui. The asphalt business started in 2006. After more than 8 years of development, it has become extremely large. In 2013, asphalt sales exceeded 200 million yuan. Asphalt-related products produced by the company occupy 70% of Fuyang's market, and it is also second to none in the whole area of southern Anhui.
  • It's inappropriate for us to shake hands
    In 2013, as XCMG's internationalization process continued to accelerate, the excavator company decided to establish a joint venture plant in Uzbekistan to radiate the markets of Central Asia and the “BRICs”. An excavator company specially dispatched an engineer to rush to Uzbekistan to discuss the joint venture construction plan with the other party. During this period, he specially visited several local agents. Visiting agents, understanding the difficulties, and giving help, the two parties have been in harmony with each other long ago. But this visit made the engineer experience a "roller coaster"
  • At Xugong, I saw the same production method as us
    In the early 1990s, following the first wave of reform and opening up, many domestic manufacturing companies entered a square matrix that actively introduced advanced foreign technology. The goals of all team members in this square matrix are highly consistent, that is, with Cooperation with world-class companies to introduce the world's top technology. During this period, XCMG also successfully completed the perfect marriage with industry benchmark multinational companies. Looking back on this past, many old Xu workers still remember it.