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Brand story
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  • Please let me join the xugong rescue team
    "Director Xie, I am Xugong's user Kong Xianghuan, and I want to join your rescue team." On the phone of Xun Yong, a member of the Xugong Ludian disaster relief team and director of the Xingong Crane Machinery Division Kunming Office, Kong Xianghuan was anxious and yet Sincere words accompanied the noise of the car.
  • Visiting the Xugong "Road" team
    In northern Anhui, a legendary character led a legendary team called Tong Xitang. His team was called Xugong's "Road" team. In 20 years, he "married" with XCMG Group and "associated" with XCMG equipment, making his Qunshun Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. the largest road maintenance company in North Anhui, and also the only company in the region with road maintenance Qualified enterprises.
  • I have you along the way
    You can't forget the dilapidated houses and tobacco and liquor stores of the past; you can't forget the hard life at that time, and the business was bleak. Nowadays he is worthless, still obscured and resentful; nowadays, he has a great reputation and is full of enthusiasm, but he still works hard and will do what he wants.
  • Once met, fate is set for life
    Chen Hu, a Xugong excavator user in Lugu Town, Zhushan County, Shiyan City, was born in 1990 and is an authentic post-90s generation. Regardless of his young age, he already has seven or eight years of experience in excavator operation, and has driven many brands of excavators at home and abroad. After all, working for others is not the pursuit of the young and vigorous Chen Hu. After a few years of apprenticeship, he came up with the idea of buying a digging machine for his own business. The idea coincided with an old watch in his hometown, and the two then decided to buy an excavator, serving as both boss and driver. "Although it was hard work, it was fun."
  • With XCMG and success
    Yixian County, located in the northwest of Chengdu, the country of heaven, is famous for its Yixian Douban Sauce, known as the "Soul of Sichuan Flavor". In the construction machinery leasing industry in Yixian, mentioning Ni Bochao's family can be described as no one knows it. Ni Bochao's story of getting rich through machinery leasing is widely known by fellow people. Whenever relatives and envy envy Ni Bochao ’s new two-story building and a car parked outside the door, Ni Bochao will say, “Thanks to XCMG!”
  • XCMG loader holds up the most romantic wedding
    Having a romantic wedding is the common wish of every couple. Creating a unique romantic wedding will not only make people shine, but also make people appreciate such weddings. How can it be different? On May 2, 2012, Tong Zhiwei, general manager of Xugong Technology Xiangbei agent Yueyang Zhongwei Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. used the loader fleet to marry the bride, which caused a big sensation in Changsha. , And also witnessed the most beautiful happy moment in his life.
  • Ten years of Pentium, then set off
    March is a good time. The winter is coming to an end, and there is a hint of spring in the air. For construction machinery users in the Northeast, March is even more critical: the frozen soil period has passed, and many projects have already started or will start. It was such an opportunity that the reporter had the opportunity to interview XCMG's basic user Wang Baifeng.
  • I can't forget XCMG truck crane
    Wu Qiang, who lives in Huaiyuan Town, Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province in August 2008, purchased XCMG XZJ5144JSQ truck-mounted crane truck (crane: SQ6.3SK3Q).
  • Ordinary characters are not ordinary, and the road to success is affectionate
    Zeng Fanzhi, a farmer by birth, but unwilling to work hard all his life facing the loess and the sky, has been looking for entrepreneurial projects. In 2004, the opportunity finally came. Zeng Fanzhi met a master who was engaged in the lifting business. The master himself drove XCMG ’s crane, so he was encouraged to buy XCMG ’s small tonnage truck crane. It has strong performance and easy to find. Entrepreneurs like Zeng Fanzhi. In this way, with the encouragement of the hoisting master, after many inspections and investigations, Zeng Fanzhi entered the hoisting industry and owned the first crane in his life—Xugong 16-ton truck crane.
  • Confucianism and sincerity-remember advanced customer Zhou Xianmiao
    When I first met Zhou Xianmiao, the general manager of Nanjing Rentai Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., I would never think he was an engineering contractor. The appearance is lean, elegant and talkative, and quite a bit of scholarly, it seems difficult to associate with the dusty construction site. After a few words, I learned about his general experience.
  • Witness the hardships of entrepreneurship
    The acquaintance of Feng Guisheng and Xugong was such a beautiful accident—Feng Guisheng, who was still doing senior management at a hotel in Changsha at that time, was also in an accidental class reunion. "Being a boss" is just such an inadvertent sentence, which stirred up an uneasy middle-aged man's first entrepreneurial dream that was almost wiped out by this nine-to-five life.
  • Reliable XCMG, give you a romantic meal
    "Ira cuts the bowl (eating) in the head and it's always dangerous!" A Shanghai guy looked up at the air excitedly, and whispered to his companions, "I heard that eating at the 'High Altitude Feast', heading to the old moment (expensive) Oh, it costs 8888 yuan! "
  • Xing Wanbo: I have a Xugong excavator "Iron Armored Team"
    From the remote rural areas of Heilongjiang, the appearance is rugged and dark, his personality is open-minded, and the typical image of pure northeastern men is Xing Wanbo. As a young man coming out of the countryside, like most people, Xing Wanbo has a bright vision for the future. Because of his low level of education, Xing Wanbo had to sell hard labor, helped push the trolleys on the construction site, and suffered a lot, but his income was still very small.
  • Xugong, Prosperous Kangzhuang Avenue
    In Yanan, a revolutionary shrine in China, a vigorous "city-building campaign" is being carried out in an ultra-conventional manner. According to the ongoing development strategy of "China's expansion and expansion of foreign countries, and the construction of cities on the mountain", Yan'an City will finally organize the construction of a new area of 78.5 square kilometers in 10 years by "cutting mountains, filling trenches, building land, and building cities" Area, in a gully area around the city to build a new city twice the current old city.
  • XCMG helps start a business legend
    In Zibo, Shandong, when mentioning Qingdao Xintongda Machinery Construction Leasing Co., Ltd., the first thing people in the industry think of is not the company's performance and glory, but the general manager Wang Yong's entrepreneurial legend and the few new and prestigious XCMG XM200 series. Milling Machine! Wang Yong is an old Xu worker. This is something we knew from the beginning, so even if we have never met, we will have an inexplicable closeness to this comrade who has fought side by side.
  • Lean manufacturing, casting XCMG equipment to the highest quality
    In Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, there is a household construction unit-Baotian Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. With its strict project management, excellent project quality, and good social reputation, it has been praised by all sectors of the society. In the past five years, the company has inherited projects such as first-grade highways, second-grade highways, bridges, and culverts. !!
  • Associated with "Great Power" 14 Years, Xugong Creates Rich Dreams
    On the construction site of Nanlang Expressway, accompanied by the roar of XCMG equipment construction, the editor of China Construction Machinery Information Network visited Mr. Lou Dongan, general manager of Nanning Antongdong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Lou's body feels simple and steady, and there is a struggle to go north and south.
  • A family history, a story of Xu Gong
    Daye, Henan, attracts us in addition to the words of ancient town, Xiuli, and mineral deposits, as well as the famous name of "Jiangsu Xincheng Transportation Engineering Co., Ltd."! The brothers from Jiangsu have a deep relationship with Xugong, and the story is as intriguing as their entrepreneurial legend.
  • Xugong has made me brilliant today
    Ouyang Wenquan, from Longhai, Zhangzhou, 41 years old, has been engaged in pavement construction for ten years. This is not a long experience among the many customers of XCMG who are engaged in pavement construction. Struggle. Today, he has already surpassed many of XCMG's customers and walked in front of them. According to Chairman Ouyang, since I have chosen this path, I have to take a quick step forward and hope that I can climb the peak of success as soon as possible! In Xiamen Gongcheng Construction Co., Ltd., we met Chairman Ouyang Wenquan. The first image he gave me seemed to be weak, and after a few words, it made me feel that a little smart and strong were leaked out of his weak text.
  • The first batch of XCMG products "going to sea"
    In 1960, the industry's first steam roller was born in XCMG; in 1990, 100 XCMG rollers were exported to the United States, which was the earliest batch export record of the Chinese construction machinery industry at that time.
  • [Creating Wealth Story] Lishan Qiu and his Xugong Brothers
    Those who have experienced failure know how to cherish hard-won success. Li Mingqiu often said with emotion: "I encountered XCMG excavator at the most difficult time. Now that the business is getting bigger and bigger and the money is getting more and more, I will only recognize XCMG when I buy excavator!"
  • The "golden rice bowl" of Zi Cheng's father's career for more than ten years is actually it!
    In 2012, Zhong Guo, who just turned 20, took over the "mantle" from his father "Lao Zhong" early, an XR200 rotary drill. Perhaps from the ears of small ears, with the blood of a cavity and the spirit of the newborn calf not afraid of tigers, and the eagerness to work hard for the cause, Zhong Guo quickly expanded his father "Lao Zhong" and the "Jiangshan" that he steadily played.
  • XCMG excavator, rich man of "post-85" entrepreneurs
    For the development of the next few years, Li Zhengyi is full of confidence. Infrastructure construction will continue, and the future is an era of mechanization. This is a good time for him and his XCMG excavator to show their skills. He believes that he will eventually make a difference in this city. Will be his most effective assistant!
  • It ’s a partner and a loved one. The 10 years that Xugong accompanied me
    Ten years of companionship, partners and loved ones, "Don't think about it, I will continue to buy Xugong!" Liu Zhangzhong said firmly, I believe that in the next decade, Liu Zhangzhong and Xugong will dig opportunities to continue to work together!
  • [User Says] "The God Pump Hero"-the most beautiful story of "80s" pump workers
    In the concrete circle, pumpers are a large group, but pumpers are common, female pumpers are not common, and pumpers are rare. The old saying is good: "Couples work together, not tired." Today we will talk about Tell a story about the "pump heroes".
  • [User says] 80 tower cranes and more than 20 major projects
    The development of Shijiazhuang is changing with each passing day, and every builder is racing against the clock for the prosperity of the city. Hebei Zhongta Construction Machinery Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hebei Zhongta), as a force for urban construction, is a pioneer in Shijiazhuang tower crane equipment leasing industry. To stay in the top three positions of tower crane equipment rental and become XCMG's "iron powder", we have to start with a "selection" made by the boss Zu Sheng ...