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71.365 billion! XCMG once again won the title of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" industry!

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导语:从跟跑到并跑,从默默无闻到走向世界舞台中央,竞相涌现的中国制造品牌,一次次地敲开国际市场的大门,不仅重塑着中国制造形象,更改变着世界品牌版图。 Leader: From running to running, from obscurity to the center of the world stage, emerging Chinese manufacturing brands are knocking on the door of the international market again and again, not only reshaping the image of Chinese manufacturing, but also changing the world Brand territory.


On June 26, 2019, the 16th World Brand Conference and China's 500 Most Valuable Brand Launch Conference was held in Beijing. The World Brand Lab released the 2019 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" analysis report.

XCMG ranked 65th with 71.365 billion yuan, an increase of 11.147 billion yuan from 2018 (60.218 billion yuan). This is the sixth consecutive year that XCMG has been ranked first in the industry since it entered the list.

The World Brand Lab is an international and professional brand research organization headquartered in New York, USA. Robert Mundell, a 1999 Nobel laureate in economics and a professor at Columbia University Chairman, wholly-owned subsidiary of the world's leading strategic consulting company World Entrepreneur Group (iceo.com), experts and consultants from Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other top universities in the world, currently recognized As one of the world's three largest brand value evaluation agencies, the brand's evaluation dimensions include market share, brand loyalty, and global leadership that are familiar to the public.

At this press conference, Yang Dongsheng, general manager of XCMG, was invited to participate in a round table conference with the theme of "Global Leadership and Chinese Brand Academy", and Ravi Dole, a senior professor at Yale School of Management and director of Yale User Monitoring Center Dhar), Richard Whittington, professor of Oxford University Said Business School, and other world-class academic experts and professors, well-known brand management executives and a number of heavyweight guests from academia and business, together around the "Global Leadership "Strength and Chinese Brand Reconstruction".

"General Manager Yang said that the brand is an important part of corporate culture construction and a commitment to stakeholders. In terms of brand culture construction, we use XCMG's unified vision and mission to bring our global employees together. At the same time, our brand building can also bring common value to our stakeholders. The strategy must be open, and the communication between companies and between people must be open. Only in the open Under such circumstances and conditions, each enterprise and individual in the ecological environment can have a clear understanding and confidence in our future development. "

From 28.736 billion to 71.365 billion, XCMG drives high-quality development with innovation

At XCMG, the "high-end, world-class" brand strategy, the "three highs and one big" product strategy, and the "technologically advanced, unbreakable" product philosophy are the core keys of XCMG's persistence in innovation-driven high-quality development and sustainable development for many years. . Through innovation-driven and excellent quality management, XCMG continuously transforms and upgrades, creates new growth points, and accelerates its march towards high-end products, high-end markets, and high-end value chains. "

Mr. Yang said, "Exploring engineering technology and providing solutions for global engineering construction and sustainable development" is XCMG's brand mission. To truly become a world-class brand, technology-leading and reliable products are the most fundamental guarantee. "

2018年4月,被称为“神州第一挖”的700吨大型挖掘机下线,使徐工成为中国唯一、全球极少数几家能够研发制造超大型成套露天矿业机械的企业,改变了全球大型成套矿业设备的竞争格局。 In April 2018, the 700-ton large-scale excavator, known as the "First Dig in China," went offline, making XCMG the only company in China and one of the few companies in the world that can develop and manufacture ultra-large open-pit mining machinery. The competitive landscape of global large-scale complete mining equipment. XCMG ’s 360-ton excavator hydraulic cylinder replaces Japanese companies ’batch equipment for Rio Tinto ’s Australia, and has worked for more than 10,000 hours to rank among the world ’s top products in this field. Important progress has also been made.

Increased 11.147 billion yuan in 1 year, XCMG wins customer reputation with maximum value

Entering the Internet era, products and services have begun to develop intelligently. XCMG has accelerated the establishment of service outlets and platforms around the world. Based on the product's full life cycle life design and industrial Internet's real-time sensing and monitoring of products, customers can help when they need them It solves the problem, and then proactively provides preventive maintenance, repair and other after-sales services, which greatly improves the reliability of product use and equipment attendance, and also enhances the company's ability to create value for customers.

“杨总表示,在品牌塑造过程中,我们最大的体会是一定要让冷冰冰的工程机械产品发挥出最大价值,让客户能够喜欢使用徐工产品,进而青睐我们的品牌,培育与客户共生共赢的生态体系。” General Manager Yang said that in the process of brand building, our biggest experience is that we must let the cold construction machinery products exert the greatest value, so that customers can enjoy using XCMG products, and then favor our brand and cultivate symbiosis with customers. Winning ecosystem. "

Six years in the top of the industry, XCMG promotes sustainable development with an international perspective

The key to the future competition of China's construction machinery industry lies in overseas and high-end markets. Only by winning the international high-end market competition, by providing the most valuable solutions to meet the global customers' differentiated needs and helping to build a better world, can it really be called Brands with global leadership.

上世纪80年代末,徐工在行业内率先开始国际化,经过近30年的探索实践,打造了以徐工为核心的全球工程机械产业价值链。 late 1980s, XCMG took the lead in internationalizing the industry. After nearly 30 years of exploration and practice, XCMG has created a global construction machinery industry value chain with XCMG as its core. At present, XCMG's products have been exported to 183 countries and regions around the world. The total annual export has exceeded 1.6 billion US dollars. The overseas revenue accounted for more than 30%. The export value has maintained the leading position in the industry for 30 consecutive years.

在助力全球客户走向成功的同时,徐工深度践行“徐工,让世界更美好”的责任情怀,在全球开展抗震救灾、教育助学、扶贫济困、行业发展、绿色环保五大领域14类公益项目。 helping global customers to succeed, XCMG deeply implements the responsibility of “XCMG to make the world a better place” and develops 14 categories in the five major areas of earthquake relief, education assistance, poverty alleviation, industry development, and environmental protection. charitable projects. In 2018, XCMG and the supplier donated 40 school water cellars to continue to drive XCMG's upstream and downstream partners to jointly implement the concept of responsibility for sustainable development.


徐工将坚定不移地为全球客户打造“技术领先、用不毁”的产品,与全球客户一起实现合作共赢,真正成为全球信赖、具有独特价值创造力的世界级企业,为全球贡献一个具有全球领导力的世界级品牌! Concluding remarks: XCMG will unswervingly create "technologically advanced, indestructible" products for global customers, achieve win-win cooperation with global customers, truly become a world-class enterprise with global trust and unique value creativity, and contribute to the world. A world-class brand with global leadership!

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